Booksigning Hidden Part One














Full house at Roundabout Books.

Wine, appetizers, and a great bunch of people made the party for the mystery adventure novel, Hidden Part One, a fun and festive event.



If the measure of a great novel is that you want to keep turning the pages, then Hidden is a smashing success! Berry has created a cast of richly detailed characters—some we empathize with from the first moments we meet them, others we loath with a feral intensity. But what makes Hidden especially enjoyable is the beautiful Oregon scenery combined with a tense and compelling plot. Five stars and highly recommended!

Dave Edlund, author of the award-winning Peter Savage action/political thrillers

Linda Berry brings the rugged characters and landscapes of Central Oregon to life with detail and emotion. She has an uncanny knack for revealing the soft underbelly of the hardest individuals.

Paul Bacon, author of BAD COP: New York’s Least Likely Police Officer Tells All


Hidden is now available on Amazon.

Hidden, Part One

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