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Are you getting a lot of rejections on your queries? Ever consider your rejections are because your query and blurb need help? How’s that first chapter? Need some feedback on it?

• your 1st 20 pages critiqued
• query letter help
• blurb help
• coaching you past the first 20 pages (a one page where-are-you-going-with-the-story tip sheet)

How much, you ask? Just $50.

Why so cheap? Because for the first time in a long while I’m all caught up on deadlines and finally have time to give the classes I’ve been asked about. I’ve taught a few of them over the years, and I’ve written 110 books and counting. I’ve been on the NY Times and USA Today bestselling lists. After 13 years of writing, I have some great info to share.

I know how difficult it was, as a new author, to understand what makes a good story, a good beginning, and a good query. Blurbs can be really confusing. What to leave in? What to take out?

I’m not guaranteeing you a bestseller. I’m not guaranteeing you’ll get requests from 14 agents and editors in a day. I AM going to give you some feedback from all my years of experience to help you polish up that query letter, blurb, and first chapter..

If interested, email me at
This should be fun.

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