Hidden, Part One Reviews

I loved Hidden from page one to the last word. I gasped when I read the last line: it was such a good cliffhanger! In order to console myself for the wait until Part Two comes out, I immediately started reading the whole novel again. I felt an even deeper connection to every nuance the second time through. I easily devoured the first 100 pages. The pacing, the character development, and the scenic descriptions were all spot on. I miss all the characters and can’t wait to find out what happens next.

— Jeanine Pollak

I found myself putting my eReader down while reading, simply because I didn’t want this novel to finish. It is totally engrossing. The landscape descriptions are stunning, add to that the emotion roller coasters of the very believable characters, all set against a Vet.’s return home to find his problems refuse to leave him. A romance laced with action, murder and a surprise topping. Happy to recommend this one.

— Shaun Green

Hidden 1” is a far-ranging and engaging tale that takes the reader from the battlefields of Afghanistan to the rugged beauty of Central Oregon, from the excitement and intensity of rodeo rings to the nighttime skulduggery meted out in barnyards, from the shining clarity of ranching purpose to the stinging darkness of unbridled evil and from the positive focus of hard ranch work to the lure of easy profit. Saddle up and take the reins … you will truly enjoy the captivating ride!

— M.K. Craig

Set in rural Central Oregon, the story revolves around Sully, a passionate Afghanistan war hero; Justin, a rough and tumble bronc rider and a myriad of well developed characters who touch both their lives. This story, best described as a contemporary western, has it all: pain, sorrow, loss, love, murder, suspense, and compassion. Dialogue is believable and complex. Storyline moves along at a great pace and is greatly enhanced by Berry’s descriptive language. At times I felt I could smell the Juniper and Pine trees and taste the dust.

— S. Kelly

From the moment I began reading this heartwarming novel, I could not put it down. Having grown up on a farm, I remember the struggles my parents went through…to survive. The book Hidden challenges the reader to look at the harsh realities of life, love and war. As a result, the characters must ultimately accept the outcomes…and change!! The novel closely examines the difficulties acclimating to love, loss, and guilt. The author beautifully describes the inner conflict the main character experiences after having lived in two different worlds, each with their own struggles. Lastly, the author, in this very well written book, gives murder low key treatment, a most refreshing change!! Well done!!

— Wiggy

Hidden is a beautifully-told story. The author has brought to life a rich cast of characters that we immediately identify with. We understand their fragility, struggles, dreams, suffering, and joys. Sully, a returning Marine who is wounded physically and emotionally, is a man who embraces good values to the core, but he is often pitted against vile people and circumstances that test his integrity. Justin is a product of foster homes, and is struggling to find his way in life through a minefield of temptations. The reader accompanies them on their journeys, experiencing first hand their challenges, sometimes holding our breath, waiting to see what unfolds. Their struggles are set against stunning Oregon scenery. I was sorry when the book ended. These characters had become my friends. Can’t wait for Part Two.

— Anonymous Amazon Reader

I was drawn into this book from the beginning. It was beautifully written. The author was so detailed I felt I was right in the story. The characters had a life of their own, and I was invested in their trials. This book can cross many genres, pleasing fans of westerns, drama and thrillers. I highly recommend this book!

— Bob

Sully returns home to Oregon from a tour in Afghanistan to find his father ailing after a stroke and a ranch in disrepair. Sully is a war-ravaged soldier, damaged by the horrors he witnessed and guilt at the fact that he is home and his friends aren’t. The depictions of a man struggling with PTSD were haunting.
This is a beautifully written story. I could see and feel the ranch, the rugged Oregon country-side, the horses and the hay in the stalls. I was rooting for Sully the whole time.

— Kyla S.

Had I not been on an active vacation, this would have been a ‘couldn’t put it down book’ because of the depth of the story and the compelling characters struggling with emotional challenges. I was drawn into the world of Wild Horse Creek, the Cascades and Sully, a young Marine returning from Afghanistan, who faces devastating challenges when he returns home to the ranch he loved. But it’s not just Sully, and his stubborn and independent father, Joe, recovering from a stroke, or his mother, Ronnie, who has dealt with betrayal and secrets that were not hers to share. There’s Justin, a young, gifted bull rider who needs to find a way to make himself a success given the tormented past he hides, and Avery the woman he loves, but feels he doesn’t deserve. Sully’s sensitive relationship with Eric’s mother, Maggie, is finely tuned and believable. They both share the same loss – Maggie lost her son in Afghanistan and Eric was Sully’s comrade and dear friend. Berry masterfully creates settings in beautiful proses and uses sight, smell and touch down to the finest details. She builds subtle tension in relationships so human you can identify with each character in the story. I knew nothing of the rugged life on a ranch, Kiger horses, ranching or bull riding, and found myself deeply interested and fascinated. Hidden Part 1 would make a wonderful movie.

— Sherryjo

A great read! What I loved most about this book is the character development. You come to know these people as if they were your very own friends, and then share vividly in their experiences. Well done!

— Brian Gomez

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