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Hidden, Part One

Haunted by the violent deaths of his Marine brothers in Afghanistan, Sully returns home to Oregon wanting to piece his shattered life back together. His troubles, however, only multiply. The long-buried secrets of his invalid father have torn the family apart, and the neglected horse ranch is sliding into bankruptcy. Horse thieves have stolen Sully’s champion stallion, and a family friend has been murdered.

Sully works hard to restore the family’s prosperity and care for his ill-tempered father. His budding romance with Maggie, a gentle yet vulnerable therapist, is his only refuge.

Violence and murder continue to hound Sully. Until the elusive thieves are caught, no one in his family is safe.

A dramatic story filled with complex relationships, emotional growth, and external conflicts that move with perfect pacing, HIDDEN is a gem not to be missed.

Marie Harte, New York Times bestseller

If the measure of a great novel is that you want to keep turning the pages, then HIDDEN is a smashing success! Berry has created a cast of richly detailed characters—some we empathize with from the first moments we meet them, others we loath with a feral intensity. But what makes HIDDEN especially enjoyable is the beautiful Oregon scenery combined with a tense and compelling plot. Five stars and highly recommended!

Dave Edlund, author of the award-winning Peter Savage action/political thrillers

Hidden, Part Two — Release date: September/2017

Pretty Corpse

  1. Lauren Starkley is a mother and one of San Francisco’s finest. Known for finding clues that others miss, she is pitted against a serial rapist targeting teenage girls, including a close friend of her daughter, Courtney. As Lauren gets closer to unraveling the truth, the danger to herself and her daughter escalates. Hunting him, Lauren becomes the hunted. Can Lauren find the rapist before Courtney is another Pretty Corpse?

“Well conceived and intelligently executed, Pretty Corpse is a gripping police thriller. In Patrol Officer Lauren Starkley, Linda Berry gives us a strong and intelligent protagonist, one who is determined to see the job completed—even if that means jeopardizing her career . . . The pace and dialog both move along smartly. Pretty Corpse is a must-read for any fan of suspense and thrillers.”—Dave Edlund, author of the award-winning Peter Savage action/political thrillers

“Berry brings her big city cops to life with jolting excitement and vivid detail.”Paul Bacon, Author of Bad Cop: New York’s Least Likely Police Officer Tells All